Morning Mastery: 6 Simple Habits for Increased Productivity & Energy

Change your life by changing your morning routine.

Ionutz Kazaku
3 min readJan 16, 2023
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Are you tired of feeling groggy and unproductive each morning?

My mornings were such a mess. I used to wake up late. I would stay in bed for 1 hour scrolling through TikTok. I would actually wake up after a few hours. Worst of all, that routine affected my mood and energy. I had no idea.

You probably know exactly what I mean.

Become extremely productive and get a natural energy boost throughout the day by implementing these 6 simple habits every morning -

Habit #1: Avoid social media

At this point, everyone knows how addictive social media is.

If you open your phone right after you wake up, you will spend the next 20 minutes in bed. It is extremely distracting. I simply do not risk checking my notifications. Try and avoid your phone for “entertainment” purposes until you finish your morning routine.

Your morning routine is far more important than your phone notifications.

Habit #2: Drink 500ml of (warm) water

Up to 60% of our body is water.

It has been at least 8 hours and you are dehydrated.

This is the number 1 re-energizer for your brain and body. It is a boost that requires little effort but brings in so many health benefits. Ideally, on an empty stomach, you should be drinking warm water. It will activate the body’s metabolism and help it return to its normal functioning.

Drink 500ml of warm water every morning, you will feel better and your body will thank you.

Habit #3: Go for a walk (3:1)

By going on a morning walk you can catch 3 rabbits at once.

Your body wakes up because you are moving, and more blood starts flowing through your system. You are getting angular sunlight which sets your circadian clock. This will improve your sleep and make you alert throughout the day. Lastly, you can listen to a podcast and learn something new.

It is the most productive and by far the most underrated morning habit.

Habit #4: Exercise: workout or yoga

Eat the frog first thing in the morning and become a champion for the day.

You will stay on your butt for the rest of the day and ask yourself “why my head and back hurt”. Avoid the uncomfortable pain by stretching a bit, doing some pull-ups, an endurance or heavy lifting workout. Just move your body, stress it.

After finishing a hard challenge, nothing will seem difficult that day.

Habit #5: Cold shower for 1–2 minutes

One cold shower = 300% dopamine boost for several hours.

Besides enhancing your mood, cold showers increase your metabolism and cold endurance. It is also a highly effective recovering tool for sore muscles. Best of all, it is a daily win over something uncomfortable. You are already a winner for the day.

How cold?

“This is really cold, and I want to get out, BUT I can safely stay in.” — Andrew Huberman.

Habit #6: Journaling — free therapy

Your journal is your friend, your therapist.

Write about the good things that happened yesterday. This will help you become more grateful. Write about the bad things that happened yesterday. This will clear your mind of all the demons that will haunt you. Most importantly, the relationship with yourself will improve tremendously.

Write about anything you want, your journal will never judge you.

Try and incorporate at least 1 habit out of this list and your mornings will feel much better.

Thanks for reading! :)

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