One Page, 60 Days — The Lifechanging Habit of Journaling

I’ll journal for 300 days more.

Ionutz Kazaku
2 min readMar 7, 2023
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Journaling is widely recommended, yet so few actually do it.

For 60 days, I wrote 1 page every evening.

Here’s why you should too:

#1 Non-judgmental listener

Ever wanted a person to whom you could pour your heart out?

A person who just listens, smiles and understands you. A friend who won’t judge you no matter how embarrassing your situation is. Your journal is exactly that.

Write about anything.

You can swear, scream, and write with mistakes, dialects, or invented words. It’s your journal, don’t be strict about it.

Let your mind run free.

It’s super liberating.

#2 Free therapy

Just like in real therapy, discuss your problems.

  • What bothers you?
  • Why does it bother you?
  • How can you get over this? And many more.

You don’t have to find a solution, just talk about it.

It will feel so much better afterward.

#3 Solving problems → ideas

When you can’t find a solution to a problem (any kind), write about it.

It’s like advising another person because you’re looking at the problem from a different perspective.

Moreover, you’ll generate ideas on top of that.

#4 Progress tracker

You’ll be amazed how much a person can change in 60 days.

We often can’t prove that.

By journaling, you’ll be fighting the always-criticizing impostor syndrome.

You’ll see how much you have progressed, learned, and been through.

#5 Documentation

Write as honestly as you can.

Write for the future YOU. In 10, 20, or 50 years’ time, you’ll greatly appreciate that.

Write for your future grandchildren. Wouldn’t you have liked to read a journal from your great-grandparent?

Or write for aliens..?

“Ok, you convinced me. I want to start journaling but I have no idea what to write about.”

Write about:

Struggles, your day, regrets, dreams, secrets, goals, ideas.

Anything really, that’s the fun part.

Just start writing.

You’ll end up somewhere you never expected.

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Do you journal, and if you do how’s your experience been?



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