Listen To Audiobooks — It Will Drastically Change Your Brain

The best alternative to reading.

Ionutz Kazaku
3 min readSep 25, 2022
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Listening to audiobooks feels like cheating.

You know how easy & convenient audiobooks are. They allow you to absorb knowledge while doing other tasks as well. However, do you benefit as much from listening to books as you do from reading books? Can you call yourself a reader?

Here are 7 incredible benefits you haven’t considered before —

Benefit #1: Become a “Well-Read” Person

It has the same benefits as reading books.

Both reading books and listening to books provide the same benefits. You will expand your vocabulary and knowledge. Your memory will improve significantly. Becoming the listener instead of the narrator will get you even more immersed in the plot.

You can listen to books instead of reading.

Benefit #2: Become Extra Productive

New ability unlocked: Multitasking.

Whenever I cook, clean, go for walks or do other chores, I listen to a podcast or a book. I never work or write while I listen to them. Combine both listening and doing other activities when it is not mentally exhausting. In this way, you can be both productive and focused.

You do have time, combine activities.

Benefit #3: Re-Read a Book by Listening

A great alternative to re-reading.

Audiobooks are also a great option for re-reading. You might uncover something that you did not notice the first time around because you are no longer the narrator, you became the listener. Use the “reading time” for new literature instead.

Experience the book from a different perspective.

Benefit #4: Introduction To Reading

Do you want to start reading books?

It’s pretty difficult to start reading in today’s world when you have a phone in your hands that is always grabbing your attention and rewarding you with dopamine. Fall in love with books by first listening to them. Once you will “get it”, you won’t need any motivation to read books.

If reading books is a difficult challenge for you, start by listening to books instead.

Benefit #5: Narrators Are Great

Experience books from a different perspective.

A good narrator will help you bring the story to life by creating a cinema inside your head. They know when and how to emphasize important moments. Dialogues are also performed the right way, with the correct intonations and inflections.

Voice actors are a game changer.

Benefit #6: “Read” More Books

Increase your book list by listening.

I read 16 books this year. If I had introduced audiobooks from the start of the year, I would have completed even more books. So, if your goal is to complete a list of books you want to read, start listening to books as well.

Set bigger goals and achieve them faster.

Benefit #7: Build Language Fluency

A great way to improve your listening skill.

If you want to become fluent in a different language you have to listen to other people communicate it. You can pick up the correct pronunciations. New words are better understood through context from a speaker’s inflections or intonations.

Improve your language skills by listening to books.

If reading books requires more effort, try listening to books instead. This will spark an interest in reading!

Manage your reading list with this template.

Thanks for reading :)



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