Listening To Podcasts Makes You Smarter

Are podcasts the new alternative to books?

Ionutz Kazaku
3 min readOct 1, 2022
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I have learned more from podcasts than from books.

It’s kind of surprising hearing that from a person who writes mainly about reading and books. I learn better by listening because I create movies inside my head.

Listening to podcasts it’s just a different type of learning. You can combine it with other activities which increases productivity.

Here are the benefits you will get if you listen to podcasts —

Benefit #1: Become Super Productive

Do you want to learn more, but you don’t have time?

I listen to 2 hours of podcast conversations every day.

Whenever I cook, clean, go for walks or do other chores, I listen to a podcast. I never work or write while I listen to them. Combine both listening and doing other activities when it is not mentally exhausting. In this way, you can be both productive and focused.

You do have time, combine activities.

Benefit #2: Learn Unique Topics

Do you want help from experts?

I never liked sciences. I thought these classes were meant for “smarter” people. I was very wrong. My teachers couldn’t teach and explain science classes like Andrew Huberman, Robert Sapolsky, David Sinclair and other amazing teachers do.

Instead of reading complicated manuals or textbooks that are filled with difficult terms that no one understands, listen to experts instead.

Benefit #3: Conversations With Your Heroes

I always wanted to be around mentors.

Listening to podcasts is the closest interaction I can have with people I admire and aspire to become. It is like having passive conversations where you only listen. Listening to their conversation gets you one step closer to the destination you want to arrive.

We are so lucky to live in a world where you can be present with your heroes from anywhere.

Benefit #4: Develop The Listening Skill

All those passive conversations come in handy.

It is a rare trait you find these days. You become a good conversationalist if you are listening to the person in front of you. Everyone wants a friendly, sympathetic listener to whom you can unburden yourself. Most importantly, you can trust people who listen.

A person’s toothache means more to that person than a famine in China which kills a million people. — Dale Carnegie

Listen to podcasts, and you will learn to listen more.

Benefit #5: Trustful News Sources

I never watch the news.

I don’t know how can you watch the news. Most of them are related to negative things, which shouldn’t bother you, or straight-up lies.

Why should you care about the Queen’s death or other useless and unpleasant events? All the uncertified weirdos come to TV shows to spread false information. Listen to people who have made a change in this world, people who strive for the better of humanity, and people who actually care.

Listen to experts with valid backgrounds.

Benefit #6: Relate To Others

Everyone goes through tough times.

Some podcasts, like JRE, feature conversations with guests sharing personal stories and challenges. This type of content makes you feel less alone and can help alleviate any negative and toxic thoughts that haunt you. By listening, you understand that even your heroes struggle.

I have cried many times while I was listening to such conversations. It is a one-of-a-kind therapy, try it.

Make it a habit, listen to podcasts. I promise, it will change your life.

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